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Links to information available

How To Find Information

The page contain links to information on the Internet which can be usefull for others. You may use a browser specific function to open the links in a new window.:

Name Description
Intel x86 Processors Here you can download Intels documentation for free. Or perhaps get a free subscribtion to their quaterly released cd-rom set.
ATA-3 Specification From this fpt site you can get the ATA-3 specification. It covers EIDE, ATAPI ect.
PC Industry Specifications This is Pheonix library of PC Industry Specifications.
Art of Assembly Programming Online copy of the book 'Art of Assembly Programming by Mr. Johan Hyde.
VBE 3.0 The VBE 3.0 Core specification.
MPI 2.0 Info on the standard Message Passing Interface v2.0
File Formats A website containing many fileformat specifications.
Worth to check out.
Forgot this one
Links to loots of OS resources.
www.ata-atapi.com Site dedicated to correct information about the ATA/ATAPI standards.
T10 Commitee (SCSI-3) This is the commitee which maintain the SCSI standard. Since ATA & ATAPI is just the physical interface for a SCSI device, this is the place to look in order to find information about the command set.
Uniform Driver Interface A project trying to define a standard for a uniform driver interface which should make it possible to share drivers amoung different operating systems.