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1999, 30th of August, Monday
Began changing the 'How It Works' section.
The 'Standard Disk Format' and the 'FAT16 File System' specifications are finished.

1999, 26th of August, Thursday
Added support for non-frame browsers. If you are using frames you wont see much of it, just the menu in the top of each page. But these menus can also be used by people using frames.

1999, 24th of August, Tuesday
I was just thinking, there are only 4 months to Christmas :-)
BTW, we got our first advertisement on fireworks for New Year's eve. I'm looking forward to it.

1999, 23th of August, Monday
Updated the 'FAT16 File System' page.

1999, 26th of July, Monday
Updated the 'Multitasking Subsystem' page, but it is still not complete.
Added the 'Motivation & Goals' page.

1999, 24th of July, Saturday
Updated the 'Standard Disk Format', 'FAT16' and 'FAT32' specifications.

1999, 24th of June, Thursday
Finished the specifications on the 'Standard Disk Format' and the specifications on FAT16, FAT32 and the VFAT formats.
Updated the 'Omega Disk Format' specification.

1999, 16th of June, Weednesday
Added the term 'Subsystem' to the 'Terminology' list.
Added the paragraph 'The Queue Syntax' to the multitasking subsystem document.
Moved the current 'Interrupt Descriptor Table' to the junk section. It wasn't saying what it was supposed to.
Finished the description of the 'Process List'.
Finished the description of the 'Function Table'.

1999, 15th of June, Tuesday
Updated the 'Terminology' list.
Updated the 'Programs in version 0.1' list.
Finished the 'Multitasking - How It Works' document.

1999, 14th of June, Monday
Added * in front of links to pages I need to update in the near future.
Added information and changed the layout of all the pages in the 'System Ressources' section.

1999, 13th of June, Sunday
Huge change in the layout. I've jumped to HTML 4 and CSS Level 2.
Some changes to the information, but nothing important.

1999, 11th of April, Sunday
Changed so much again that I still can't remember all of it.

1999, 24th of January, Sunday
Added a counter to the site.
Changed so much that I can't even remember all of it.

1999, 21th of January, Thursday
Added the searchengine to the site.

1999, 5th of January, Thuesday
Added specification on how to pass boot information on to the loaded boot code. They are now revision 1.2
The NEWS page (this one) is from now on known as the HISTORY page.
Changed the Omega disk- and partition format pages.
Changed the File Support Format page.
And finally I've made the cookie system which tells you when you last visited the site.

1998, 6th of December, Sunday
Added some functionality to the stylesheets.
The site can't be updated because our ISP have failed to deliver new webspace.

1998, 19th of November, Thursday
Changed a lot, especially in the OS Design. Move things around in the menu.
Updated the site.

1998, 14th of November, Saturday
Change the Omega specifications - They are now revision 1.1
Updated the site.

1998, 26th of August, Wednesday
Moved a lot of things to other catagories.
Updated the site.

1998, 21th of August, Friday
Changed the name of the hardware support files from 'Driver Fileformat' to 'Hardware Support Fileformat'
Made a rough definition of the Hardware Support Fileformat.
Added description of the word 'Kernel' to the terminology page.

1998, 30th of July, Thursday
Added information to OS usage section.
Started writing information about the NlC Bootmanager.
An error in the feedback system was corrected.

1998, 29th of July, Wednesday
The Omega disk format specification revision 1 has been written.
The Omega partition format specification revision 1 has been written.
Other stuff has been added to the other pages. But nothing has really changed. There is still some work to be done.

1998, 24th of July, Friday
Old site upgraded to this new one. The use of stylesheet has been the main upgrade. There is no documentation prior to this date. The old site I'm speeking of is gone.