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NlC Bootmanager

Current version: Build 0015d

How It Works

When the boot process load the Boot Sector or Master Boot Record of a drive, the special bootmanager code installed here will attempt to load and start the bootmanager. If it fails then to the greatest extent it will try to follow the normal boot scheme.

If no changes has been made to the system the right bootmanager will in most cases be found. Note that several bootmanagers can exist on the same machine, because the boot code uses serial numbers to locate the right one. When found and successfully loaded into memory, execution is transfered and the bootmanager code saves some important values passed from the boot code. The system then initializes the memory and video display. Then the contenst of the main menu is built from information found during a search of the system. Now the main menu is displyed.

From here its possible to enter the setup screen, load the boot sector or master boot record from another drive or simply boot one of the boot items in the menu. Boot items can both be partitions which was found during the system search, but also user configured items. The user configured items are bootloaders, that is they are configured to boot a specific operation system with specific parameters.

If the user does nothing for a while, the screensaver is started. You may return to the bootmanager by pressing any valid key.

On the main setup screen its is possible to choose one of the specific setup screens. There are a screen for configuring the boot menu, one for configuring how partitions are shown, one for configuring boot loaders, a Feature screen for configuring some global features of the bootmanager, a security screen and a color setup screen.

Security is a popular topic today. An in order to allow more users to use the bootmanager, some advanced security features can be enabled. Among these are multi-level security, auto-logout, password protected partitions and other boot-items. Security features which are going to be added later on will include logging.

Features complete

This is a list of features in the bootmanager:

Features currently working on

This is a list of features that we are currently working on. They are added but may not function properly.

Features To Add

This is a list of larger features which is planned to be added in later versions of the program:


The bootmanager is currently compliant with the following de-facto standards:

Standards that the bootmanager will comply to in future builds:


This is a list of currently known bugs. Do not try to provoke these bugs, they might have evil intensions :-) If you do find a new bug please use this form to inform us.


These are links to other pages with usefull technical information about the bootmanager:

Be aware that we can not be held responsible for anything that happens due to downloading this program.

Download build 0015d (34 Kb)
Download build 0015d - Source (185 Kb)