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Maverick Application Interface

Storage I/O

Defined Commands

These are the commands which has already been defined. See the section other commands for a summary of the commands which hasn't yet been defined. This does not mean they won't be available in version 0.1

Input: Parameter 1:
Output (succes):
Output (failed):
Default security:

Other Commands

This is a list of commands which hasn't yet been defined in closer details, but the commands will be available in version 0.1
handle open(filename or inode num)
int write(handle, buffer, length)
int read(handle, buffer, length)
int stat(filename or inode num, ret_buffer)
int sync(filename or inode num)
int lookup(void *inode, filename)

int read(inode, buf, length)
int write(inode, buf, length)
int stat(ret_buf, inode)
int lookup(filename)