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Revision 1.0

File Format ID

For easier use


For easier use, we require that every fileformat that may be used with the Maverick OS is registered and have an 64 bit id number. You can request an ID for a fileformat here. The registration is free.

List syntax

The 64 bit id number is divided into 4 x 16 bit numbers, each part with 65365 available numbers. The value of 0x00000d is reserved. The numbers have the following schematics:

Schematics used for assigning File System Id numbers
1st word 2nd word 3th word 4th word
Major Group Minor Group Unique ID Revision

The list

Here comes the actual list. When ever the list continue to a new major group, it will be marked by a row spanning all 5 coloms. A value of 0 (zero) are not allowed.

The File Format ID list
Major Minor Unique Revision Description
Executable Program Format
0001000100010001Maverick 0.1 Executable
Driver Format
0002000100010001Hardware Support Files - Revision 1.1

Changes from previous revisions